Objects & Places from Shaking the Nickel Bush

Ralph Moody
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Gluten Bread

Ralph is required to eat this as a part of the special diet he needs to treat his diabetes.


Ralph keeps the majority of his money in the cuff of these pants in order to hide it from thieves and his partner, Lonnie.


Ralph is required to see a doctor weekly and to send one of these to his doctor back in Boston in order to keep track of the progress of his diabetes.


Ralph buys two of these--saddles, chaps, and blankets--for himself and Lonnie so that they might find it easier to find a job on a ranch.


Ralph buys these for himself and Lonnie in El Paso for their work with the lawyer.

Clay Busts

Ralph makes busts out of this material first so that he can make a mold out of these and pour plaster into the molds to...

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