Shaking the Nickel Bush Character Descriptions

Ralph Moody
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He goes to Arizona to be in a warmer climate with the hopes that the climate will be beneficial to his health.


He is a young drifter who was honorably discharge from the military during the war because of a dangerously virulent bout of the flu.

Ted Hawkins

He is an old cowboy who once worked in the same Colorado town where Ralph's family once had a ranch.

Dr. Gaghan

He originally diagnoses Ralph's diabetes and gives him the diet he must follow the rest of his life.

Ralph's Mother

She is a widow who has several children to raise on her own.


Ralph writes her a letter that explains the truth about what he has been doing and where he has gotten all his money.

El Paso Lawyer

Ralph is unhappy with the bust he makes for this person because he wants to present...

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