Shaking the Nickel Bush Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ralph Moody
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Chapter 1, In a Bad Way, and Chapter 2, Land Rolling!

• Ralph Moody was not able to serve in the military during World War I because he was head of his family after his father died.

• Ralph loses a lot of weight and learns that he has diabetes with a life expectancy of six months.

• Ralph's family doctor, Dr. Gaghan, places Ralph on a special diet and encourages him to move to the west where he can get plenty of healing sunlight.
• Ralph hopes to find a job on a ranch when he arrives in Arizona but learns that returning soldiers are given preference for most all jobs.

• After a week, Ralph still does not have a job and he is quickly running out of money.

• Ralph is forced to move out of the hotel and sleep near the stockyards.

• Ralph meets another drifter, Lonnie, at the Tucson stockyards and...

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