Shakespeare's Landlord Short Essay - Answer Key

Charlaine Harris
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1. Why does Lily not tan?

Unlike most bodybuilders who consider a deep tan part of their regiment, Lily is pale. If she were to have a dark tan, her scars would be more noticeable.

2. What typical sibling rivalry did Lily and her sister have when they were growing up together?

Lily remembers the rivalry she and her sister used to have about their looks. Lily had decided that her eyes were a bigger and lighter blue, her nose was straighter and thinner, and her lips were fuller. Her sister's chin, however was better. Lily's nose was too round.

3. Why is Lily's house a shotgun house?

The front door is directly opposite the back door in Lily's house making it a shotgun house. From her back door she can look down the hall, through the living room, and see if the dead bolt is shot.

4. Describe Lily's backyard.

The yard at her childhood home was five times larger than the yard at the house where Lily lives now. Her backyard is about twenty feet long and ends in a weedy steep slope that is next to the railroad tracks.

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