Objects & Places from Shakespeare's Landlord

Charlaine Harris
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Shakespeare, Arkansas

This is the setting of the novel and where a character is murdered.

Shakespeare Garden Apartments

This is an eight-unit building owned by the murder victim.

Memphis, Tennessee

This is the place where Lily used to live.

Queen of Clean

This is a large janitorial service.

Estes Arboretum

This is a large park where a dead man is found.

Creek County

This is where a man was found guilty of rape.

Body Time Gym

This is a place to workout and learn karate.

Shakespeare Combined Church

This is a place where Lily cleans the meeting hall and tangles with the caretaker.

York Camper

This is where the body of the dead man was stored temporarily.

Drinkwater Home

This is where a reminder is left for Lily of the incident she endured in Memphis.

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