Daily Lessons for Teaching Shakespeare's Landlord

Charlaine Harris
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


In Chapter 1, Lily says that she is not a person to neglect security. The objective of this lesson is to discuss Lily's safety and security measures.


1) Class Discussion: How many dead bolts does Lily have at her house? When she leaves for her walk, does she lock the dead bolt on the back door? Why or why not? How does the trellis obstruct Lily's view of visitors? What does this say about Lily's desire for security? How does Lily move as she walks? Is she trying to remain invisible so no one will see her? Why or why not? Is this part of her need to be safe? Why or why not?

2) Partner Discussion: Divide the class into groups of 2-3. Why is Lily not concealing her presence any more? Does she think there is no need for safety measures at this time? Why or...

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