Shakespeare's Landlord Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Charlaine Harris
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the coping skills that Lily has developed to help her deal with the kidnapping and the gang rape. Cite examples from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Citing examples from the book, discuss why Lily does not at first want anyone to know that she found the body in the park.

Essay Topic 3

Argue whether Lily is or is not the protagonist in the novel. Cite examples from the book.

Essay Topic 4

Argue whether Pardon Albee did or did not seem like a person to die from violence. Cite examples from the novel to support your position.

Essay Topic 5

Explain why Lily knew that something was wrong with the Yorks. Cite examples from the book.

Essay Topic 6

Citing examples from the novel, discuss how Lily changes throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 7

Argue whether some of Lily's clients are also friends. CIte examples from the book to support...

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