Shakespeare's Landlord Character Descriptions

Charlaine Harris
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Lily Bard

This character finds a body inside plastic bags in the park and anonymously calls the police.

Marshall Sedaka

This character owns a gym and teaches karate lessons.

Claude Friedrich

This character is the Shakespeare Police Chief.

Pardon Albee

This character is the owner of an apartment complex who is found murdered in the park.

T.L. and Alvah York

These characters live in Shakespeare Garden Apartments and have a granddaughter who was raped.

Norvel Whitbread

This character drinks too much and is employed by the Shakespeare Combined Church.

Reverend Joel McCorkindale

This character is the minister of the Shakespeare Combined Church.

Carlton Cockroft

This character is young, handsome, and single.

Deedra Dean

This character is promiscuous and considered to be an airhead by another character.

Thea Sedaka

This character is accused of slapping a child at the Shakespeare Community Church preschool.

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