Shakespeare's Landlord Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charlaine Harris
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Chapter One

• Lily is working out with a karate kicking bag.

• She believes she was pretty in the past, and she used to think she was more attractive than her sister Varena whom she has not seen for three years.

• Although most bodybuilders tan, Lily prefers to stay pale to hide the scars.

• Her one vanity is having her hair colored, permed, and cut at Shakespeare's fanciest hair salon.

• At 1:00 a.m. after her workout, Lily changes, locks her apartment, and goes for a walk.

• After walking for some time, Lily returns through Shakespeare Estes Arboreteum, a view she often enjoys from her window.
• Noticing someone else out walking, she hides behind a tree and sees someone wheeling her trash cart down the street.

• Even though it is very dark, she notices that someone covered in plastic sheeting is in the cart.

• The person walks into the park...

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