Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human Character Descriptions

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The Author, Harold Bloom

This person tends to reject modernist and politically correct versions of Shakespeare and search for a more traditional outlook on Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare

This person was the author of the plays analyzed in the book.

Christopher Marlowe

This person was assassinated at the young age of 29, and was a strong influence on other playwrights' work.

Friedrich Nietzsche

This person was a nineteenth-century philosopher of the moment and the now.

Ben Jonson

This person was a playwright who had a reputation for moralizing plays.

Dr. Samuel Johnson

This person was a critic from the 19th century who found characters appalling in their nasty behavior.

Sir John Falstaff

This person is the comic presence of Henry IV Part I and II.


This person is the moody Prince of Denmark.


This person was a classical English author from the medieval period.


This person was...

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