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Ryszard Kapuściński
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Short Answer Questions

1. The destroyer of monuments has been destroying monuments for how long?

2. How old is Razak?

3. Why did Mahmud Azari originally leave the country of Iran?

4. What do the newspapers report about Mahmud Azari's beating?

5. In the extended metaphor of the play, who is the director?

Short Essay Questions

1. What common structure unites pro-revolution films on television, according to Kapuscinski?

2. Why is Azari shocked when he returns to Teheran for the first time in eight years?

3. Explain Azari's association with the Iranian Writers' Association.

4. Describe the paranoid fit that Azari suffers.

5. What does Azari learn about his brother once he returns to Iran in 1977?

6. What "two camps" does the Iranian revolution divide itself into?

7. What immediate actions does Shah Pahlavi take in response to increasing unrest just prior to full-scale revolution?

8. What does Kapuscinski cite as the true cause of the Iranian revolution?

9. Describe the meeting Azari has with a publisher friend.

10. How does the local newspaper respond to the events surrounding Azari's beating?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At one point in "Daguerreotypes," a publisher is demonstrated showing pride in the publication of a poem. Why was the publisher so prideful? Discuss the particulars of the poem and the environment of censorship in Iran at that time.

Essay Topic 2

Why is the date January 8, 1978 crucial to understanding the Iranian Revolution? Describe the lead-up to that date, what exactly occurred on that date, and the consequences that occurred afterward. How can January 8, 1978 be viewed as an important tipping point?

Essay Topic 3

Iran is notable for being one of the largest concentrations of Shiite Muslims in the world.

1) What is Shiism? Explain what followers believe about Muhammad and Ali.

2) How does Shiism differ from Sunni Islam? How do the two sides get along?

3) How does Kapuscinski trace modern terrorism to Iranian Shiism?

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