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Ryszard Kapuściński
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is NOT one of the goals the Shah has for modernization?
(a) Iran living standards will be equal to those in Europe.
(b) Iran will become a world power.
(c) Poverty in Iran will be eradicated.
(d) His military will greatly grow in strength and standing.

2. What is the Savak concept of guilt and innocence?
(a) The Savak are careful to arrest only those guilty of speaking against the Shah.
(b) The Savak arrest only innocent victims to create more fear.
(c) The Savak care little for guilt or innocence, and they arrest people arbitrarily.
(d) The Savak use the Western ideal of "innocent until proven guilty."

3. Which country backed Shah Pahlavi when he wrested control away from Doctor Mossadegh?
(a) Japan.
(b) Egypt.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) Britain.

4. How can Doctor Mossadegh's political philosophy best be described?
(a) Fascist.
(b) Anarcho-Capitalist.
(c) Conservative.
(d) Liberal.

5. How can Khomeini's living conditions be described?
(a) He lives in a modest apartment building.
(b) He lives in a grand, new palace.
(c) He occupies the former palace of the Shah.
(d) He lives in a dusty hovel.

6. How did Iran's infrastructure change under Reza Khan's rule?
(a) Infrastructure was intentional destroyed in a bid for power.
(b) Infrastructure was funded, but corruption prevented any actual improvements.
(c) Infrastructure continued to be neglected.
(d) Infrastructure improved significantly.

7. Reza Khan was an officer in which military organization?
(a) Persian Cossack Brigade.
(b) Shah's Personal Bodyguards.
(c) Savak Secret Police.
(d) Allied Forces of World War II.

8. Kapuscinski notes that Khomeini is successful because of his persistent emphasis of what single message?
(a) The Shah must go.
(b) Wealth should be redistributed.
(c) America is evil.
(d) The U.S. embassy should be shut down.

9. Who does Reza Khan replace as a military commander in 1917?
(a) Ayatollah Khomeini.
(b) Nasr-ed-Din.
(c) Vsevolod Lyakhov.
(d) Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

10. Who aids Shah Pahlavi in his buildup of the military after he retakes his throne from Mossadegh?
(a) Iraq.
(b) America.
(c) Egypt.
(d) Saudi Arabia.

11. In which year did Reza Khan stage an overthrow of the government?
(a) 1896.
(b) 1944.
(c) 1963.
(d) 1921.

12. What is the point of Photograph 12's political cartoon, in which confused people are holding parts of cars?
(a) Iranians are left with empty promises by the Shah.
(b) The Shah has made it difficult to travel by car.
(c) Iran is a fragmented place.
(d) Cars, as fueled by oil, are the source of the nation's problems.

13. According to Kapuscinski, what united the Iranian and Shiite peoples?
(a) Disdain for Ali.
(b) History of oppression.
(c) Love of wealth.
(d) History of democratic equality.

14. How does world media respond to Shah Pahlavi's attempts to modernize Iran?
(a) Pahlavi is loved by American media, but hated by British media.
(b) Pahlavi's plans are largely secret, and do not get a significant amount of media attention.
(c) Pahlavi is reviled by Western media.
(d) Pahlavi is treated as a media darling.

15. Reza Khan was exiled to which city?
(a) Memphis.
(b) Johannesburg.
(c) London.
(d) Tokyo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which religion is the state religion of Iran?

2. Who do Shiites believe will restore the kingdom of God on Earth?

3. How many agents of Savak were there?

4. Photograph #1, the oldest photo Kapuscinski has, dates from around what year?

5. Who does Shah Pahlavi deliver his December 23, 1973 speech to?

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