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Ryszard Kapuściński
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This is the capital city of Iran, and the site of the Shah's royal palace.


This is a small city to the south of Teheran. It is home to many of the most fundamental and conservative Shiites in Iran.

Trans-Iranian Railway

Reza Khan forbid the use of this for allied forces during World War II. It led to his being deposed.


This accounts for much of the wealth--and much of the strife--in the Middle East. Usually, only the very rich benefit from the Middle East's abundance of it.

The Frying Pan

This is a nickname for a torture device frequently used by Savak, involving an electric table.

Great Civilization

This is Shah Pahlavi's ambitious plan to use oil profits to modernize Iran and develop its infrastructure.


This is one of two branches of the Islamic faith. This branch believes that Ali, the Prophet Mohammed's...

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