Shah of Shahs Fun Activities

Ryszard Kapuściński
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Photographic Journalism

Select a photo book from the library containing photos taken during the Iranian Revolution. Do your own journalism by examining the photographs. Try to answer basic questions about what the scene is, where it is taking place, why it is significant, etc.

Cultural Feast

Each student should create a Persian/Iranian food dish at home, and then bring to the class to have a party.

Khomeini Speeches

Select a few important speeches delivered by Khomeini and screen for the class. What are student impressions about Khomeini? Is he a charismatic speaker? Do they share Kapuscinski's opinion of the man?

Geography Lesson

Create a map of Persia/Iran, including important regions, cities, the Trans-Iranian railway, etc.

Photo Recreation

Try to stage a recreation of one of the photographs Kapuscinski describes in "Daguerrotypes." Have students stand in for the subjects in the photo. Research and create the proper...

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