Shah of Shahs Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ryszard Kapuściński
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Cards, Faces, Fields of Flowers

• Author Ryszard Kapuscinski is a journalist who begins the book in an Iranian hotel room after the ayatollah Khomeini has risen to power.
• Kapuscinski must make sense of all the notes, photographs, and other media he has gathered in order to craft a narrative of the revolution (this book).
• On the television, Khomeini is preaching rejection of internationalism and particularly Western ways.

• Militiamen rule the streets at night, making them quite unsafe after curfew.

Daguerreotypes, pages 15 to 31

• This section uses several photographs to help describe important people and events in Iranian history.

• The last Shah of Iran was Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

• Pahlavi's grandfather was a soldier who escorted the murderer of a Shah to justice.
• Pahlavi's father was Reza Khan, an officer in the Persian Cossack Brigade. He was stern, imposing, and military-oriented.

• Reza Khan wrested control of Persia in 1921, and in 1925 was...

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