Objects & Places from Shadows in the Darkness

Elaine Cunningham
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Tiger Leone's Club

A shadowing of this place led to Gwen's dismissal as a dirty cop.

Underhill Club

This place is where Gwen gets a job in an attempt to find the missing girl, and also where she meets Ian Forest.

Gwen's Apartment

A place of solitude and out of the way, this is where the main character comes back to refuel and recoup after a hard day.

Wallace's House

This place is in sorry need of repair, and while repairs are underway, people are invited upstairs to discuss matters pertaining to business.

Frank's House

This is a place of comfortable familiarity; the owner of which is a close friend, almost a father figure to the main character.

The Blue Gem

This article is housed by an Elder and is the source of their power, claimed on the last night of the solstice.

The Diner

This place is...

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