Shadows in the Darkness Fun Activities

Elaine Cunningham
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Create your own Blue Gem.

Student should use whatever medium they desire to create their own blue gem.

Fingerprint Yourself!

Student should create perfect copies of their fingerprints and come up with a list of places those fingerprints could be found over the last twenty-four hours.

Design Your Own Victorian Room.

Student should create a collage of their own rooms in a Victorian era home. Tell the student to go with one centralized theme.

Create Your Own Case!

Student should create a mystery to solve, and show how they would solve it, step by step.

Conduct an Interview with a Policeman!

Student should conduct an interview with a policeman and ask him if he ever worked in a kidnapping case and if the victim was found.

Create your Family Tree!

Student should create their own family tree as far back as they can go.

Discover Your Heritage.


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