Shadows in the Darkness Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Elaine Cunningham
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Essay Topic 1

What issues caused Gwen to be in a professional limbo? In what ways does this limbo seem like Gwen took the fall for someone?` Do you think she has paid her penance? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Hypothesize how Gwen would react psychologically in the next book. Why do you think she would react this way? What kinds of issues do you think she will face in the next novel? Explain how Gwen might overcome them.

Essay Topic 3

Imagine the desperation of a parent that's had their child kidnapped. What do you think that might feel like to the parents? To the child? To the kidnapper? What kinds of issues might a kidnapped child retain from the experience?

Essay Topic 4

Many cities have a dark underside to their wholesome image. What kind of image does the town of Providence provide in the book? On the...

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