Shadows in the Darkness Character Descriptions

Elaine Cunningham
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Gwen Gellman

This is the main character, a tough ex cop turned PI.

Marcy Bartlett

A good friend of the main character, this person has a girlfriend named Trudy.

Frank Cross

The first partner of the main character, this person was dismissed from the police due to a love affair with alcohol.

Ryan Cody

This person is the primary suspect for the longest while of the PI, and also is a parent of the missing girl.

Dianne Cody

This character is distraught about a missing daughter and aims to protect the family when secrets are unearthed from the PI's history.

Ian Forest

The owner of Underhill, this person gives the PI a case to look into, a case that ends up changing the PI's life.

Wallace Edmonson

With the false title of consultant with the law firm that Mr. Cody works for, this person hides many secrets, including...

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