Shadows in the Darkness Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elaine Cunningham
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Chapter 1

• Gwen Gellman is a private investigator who has psychic abilities and is investigating the disappearance of a girl named Lauren Simpson

• At Lauren's mothers' request, Gwen is visiting Rachel, a friend of Lauren's, at the college apartments.

• Rachel tells Gwen that Lauren was to make an appearance at an art gallery event (Lauren is a talented artist) and meet up with her friends at the movies, but never showed.

• Upon Rachel's return home, she gets a call from the gallery stating that Lauren had left her purse behind, and it is this that causes Rachel to call Lauren's mom who called Gwen.
• Gellman asks Rachel for some personal articles of Laurens, and Rachel assumes that they are for DNA purposes, but Gwen doesn't correct her.

• When Rachel fetches them swiftly, Gwen leaves, wanting to take a psychic "shortcut" to finding the missing girl.

• While in her car...

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