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Michael Cristofer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do you think Agnes is more open to the idea of her mother's death?
(a) Her sister ran away.
(b) She already lost her father.
(c) Her mother is older.
(d) She is tired of having to be fake for her mother.

2. What occurs to Maggie to make her change her mind about Joe's death?
(a) She talks to the doctors.
(b) She listens to what Joe has to say to her.
(c) She realizes that it is not about her own feelings.
(d) She speaks with the interviewer at length.

3. What adds anger to the mix of emotions?
(a) Dying process.
(b) Pain of the diseases.
(c) Regrets.
(d) Misunderstandings.

4. What do all of the pieces of Beverly's jewelry represent?
(a) Wishes or dreams.
(b) Ex lovers.
(c) Special memories.
(d) Major life events.

5. What happens when Brian makes his attempt with Beverly?
(a) They have a good time.
(b) Mark gets jealous.
(c) He collapses.
(d) He dies.

6. What does Beverly spill on Mark's jacket?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Champagne.
(c) Soda.
(d) Wine.

7. Why does the interviewer believe Felicity will not allow herself to die?
(a) She can't remember she is sick.
(b) She needs something to cling to.
(c) She is waiting for Claire's return.
(d) She wants to please Agnes.

8. What is the first stage in the process of grieving?
(a) Acceptance.
(b) Anger.
(c) Denial.
(d) Bargaining.

9. Which of the following is not something that Agnes suffers from?
(a) Bouts of hysteria.
(b) Ongoing tiredness.
(c) Tension.
(d) Psychosomatic headaches.

10. How does Agnes now describe Claire?
(a) As the golden child.
(b) As the one that got away.
(c) As Felicity's favorite daughter.
(d) As the trouble maker in the family.

11. What does Beverly warn Mark not to do to Brian?
(a) Give him too much hope.
(b) Provide him with the appropriate care.
(c) Treat him with disrespect.
(d) Stop listening to him.

12. Why doesn't Agnes believe that what she is doing is wrong?
(a) Felicity's thinking is impaired.
(b) Felicity is dying anyway.
(c) She is helping to keep Felicity alive.
(d) She is making sure her mother gets the best care.

13. What does Joe think about that has made him angry?
(a) He won't get to have his grandchildren surrounding him.
(b) He doesn't know how to make Maggie understand.
(c) He can't understand why this happened to him.
(d) He believes his life doesn't matter to Maggie.

14. How does Joe describe his life?
(a) With painful memories.
(b) With a need to explain.
(c) With a great sense of peace.
(d) With a sense of futility.

15. It could be said that Joe and Felicity are further along in the acceptance of their disease than which of the following characters?
(a) Beverly and Mark.
(b) Their families.
(c) Brian.
(d) Agnes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the interviewer tell Agnes may need to happen to Felicity?

2. How does Agnes respond to the interviewers suggest about what may need to happen to Felicity?

3. Which of the following characters seems to battle the process the most?

4. Who does the interviewer believe is keeping Felicity alive?

5. What happened after Felicity heard the news?

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