The Shadow Box Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Cristofer
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Act 1

• The play opens with a man in a cottage which could easily be mistaken for a vacation home.

• The man's name is Joe and his eyes are drawn to a stool on the stage where he will be interviewed by an unknown interviewer.

• Joe finds this unusual at first, but then adjusts to talking to an unknown person.

• The interviewer explains that this is the hospital's method of staying in communication with the residents of the cottages.

• It is divulged that Joe is terminally ill and is staying in one of the hospital's cottage so that he can visit with his family.

• Joe is very excited to see his wife and son as they haven't been able to see each other for six months.

• Travel was too expensive and Joe had always thought he would one day be able to go home, but now realizes that his...

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