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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellison do to find some peace and quiet?

2. What does the chaos of noise cause in Ellison?

3. Why are slaves able to express themselves in art?

4. In "Blues People" how are the blues categorized?

5. Who are the two main characters in "Intruder in the Dust?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What captures the attention of many critics about "Blues People."

2. What experience in Ellison's childhood gives him patience with his upstairs singing neighbor?

3. What does Ellison say about a Negro President?

4. How does the early film "Birth of the Nation" portray Negro persons?

5. Who is LeRoi Jones?

6. Where is "Minton's Playhouse" located?

7. What does Ellison believe Jackson's greatest gift is?

8. In the Paris Review (Spring 1955) Ellison was interviewed about his work as a writer. What does he say his first piece of professional writing was?

9. What place does "Living with Music" describe?

10. What does Ellison say is the invisible man's discovery?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Brave Words for a Startling Occasion" is Ellison's acceptance speech when he received the American National Book award. Why was it, for Ellison, a startling occasion? What about his speech is brave? What is the overall theme of this speech?

Essay Topic 2

Overall Ellison praises LeRoi Jones book "Blues People." However, there are elements of Jones' analysis of the blues which are not up to Ellison's high standards. What are the major criticisms he makes of Jones? How does he support his argument against the conclusions Jones comes to?

Essay Topic 3

The Lafargue Psychiatric Clinic is profiled with a sense of gratitude and anger. What is Ellison angry about and why? As much as he admires the clinic, why does he feel it should not be necessary? What is at the source of mental suffering for many persons in the Harlem community?

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