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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of bird does Ellison say Parker is?

2. What does Ellison say slaves had in place of freedom?

3. Who lives on the left of Ellison?

4. Why are slaves able to express themselves in art?

5. What street is Minton's on?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is the Lefargue Psychiatric Clinic located?

2. What place does "Living with Music" describe?

3. What captures the attention of many critics about "Blues People."

4. How does the early film "Birth of the Nation" portray Negro persons?

5. Who is LeRoi Jones?

6. What type of music does the upstairs singer practice all day?

7. What does the mural above the bandstand at Minton's depict?

8. In the Paris Review (Spring 1955) Ellison was interviewed about his work as a writer. What does he say his first piece of professional writing was?

9. Who is Teddy Hill?

10. What experience in Ellison's childhood gives him patience with his upstairs singing neighbor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Art of Fiction: An Interview" Ellison explores the relationship between art and protest. What does Ellison believe, for him, writing fiction is? Is social comment or protest part of his work at all? If so, how does he see his particular style of writing as contributing to positive social change?

Essay Topic 2

The Lafargue Psychiatric Clinic is profiled with a sense of gratitude and anger. What is Ellison angry about and why? As much as he admires the clinic, why does he feel it should not be necessary? What is at the source of mental suffering for many persons in the Harlem community?

Essay Topic 3

The final essay in the book was never published. It is a book review of the Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal who was brought in by the Carnegie Foundation to study the "Negro problem." What is Ellison's primary reaction to the book? What is positive in Myrdal's assessment? What does Ellison object to? Why do you think the review was never published?

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