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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the three major section of the "Primer for White Folks?"
(a) Beginning, Middle, End.
(b) Right, Wrong, Ambivilent.
(c) White, Negro, Mixed Race.
(d) Heritage, Short Stories, Today and Tomorrow.

2. What does Falkner understand about racial social code of the South?
(a) Here today, gone tomorrow.
(b) It will never change.
(c) Destructive to both Negro and white parts of society.
(d) It is fragile and illusionary.

3. Who is Stanley Edgar Hyman?
(a) A lyricist and comedian in the 1930's.
(b) Ellison's uncle who has a good sense of humor.
(c) The prominent Negro intellectual who wrote "Santa Claus is Black."
(d) A scholar who wrote on the relationship between Negro literature and folklore.

4. Why does Ellison reject the "hard-boiled" novel style of writing?
(a) Full of physical violence, social cynicism and understatement.
(b) Primarily a white form of writing.
(c) Focused on detectives and criminals.
(d) Too boring for what he wants to say.

5. According to Ellison what does the term "the grays" mean?
(a) American melting pot.
(b) Negro term for white people.
(c) Slang word for feeling bored.
(d) Negro term for nightfall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hemingway carries on Twain's technical discoveries in writing but loses what?

2. Which American writers is the piece "Black Boys and Native Sons" about?

3. How many children are in Stephen Crane's birth family?

4. Why does Ellison chose not to emphasize the details of racial hardship in his life?

5. How does Ellison describe Wright's autobiography "Black Boy?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was it that suggested to Ellison that he review a book and write a short story?

2. What is the difference between the way Hyman and Ellison view "the darky" entertainer?

3. What does the phrase "beating that boy" refer to?

4. Why does Ellison say that the least form of segregation is the word?

5. Why does Ellison choose to write about Faulkner?

6. Did Richard Wright influence Baldwin or Ellison?

7. Ellison originally wanted to be a musician. What changed for him?

8. What is the "hidden name" Ellison is referring in the title of his speech to the Library of Congress in 1064?

9. What is different about Oklahoma and the relationship of different races when compared to the South or even to Texas?

10. What were the two greatest influences upon Crane's life, in Ellison's estimation?

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