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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Richard Wright to Ellison?
(a) Hero and the mentor of all Ellison's work.
(b) Source of Ellison's inspiration and success.
(c) Friend for whose magazine he wrote his first book review and short story.
(d) Spiritual father who nurtured and guided Ellison's writing.

2. How does Ellison describe his boyhood experience in Oklahoma?
(a) Poverty stricken existence with little enjoyment.
(b) Romantic aspirations in the spirit of frontier adventurousness.
(c) Series of mind numbing and violent episodes.
(d) Very controlled and regimented experience.

3. Where is the essay "Richard Wright's Blues" published and when?
(a) The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Summer 1935.
(b) The New York Times, Fall 1955.
(c) The Oklahoman Messenger, Winter 1919.
(d) The Antioch Review, Summer 1945.

4. How does Ellison describe his relationship with Howe?
(a) Antagonistic cooperation.
(b) Bitterly opposed enemies.
(c) Alienation and scorn.
(d) Comrades in arms.

5. How does Ellison describe the philosopher Kierkegaard in the "Stephen Crane.." essay?
(a) Pinnacle of the romantic poets of the 1950s.
(b) Household god for many contemporary novelists.
(c) Philosopher king who wrecked the castle.
(d) The keeper of Sophocles flame.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the essay "Stephen Crane and the Mainstream of American Fiction" published?

2. Why does Ellison choose to write "Invisible Man" in a non-naturalistic way?

3. Who is Stephen Crane?

4. What is the occasion of Ellison's speech "Brave Words on a Startling Occasion?"

5. What does Ellison say the greatest difficulty for the Negro writer is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ellison compare Wright's personal journey of blooming to?

2. What writers are at issue in the exchange between Irving Howe and Ralph Ellison?

3. What is the difference between the way Hyman and Ellison view "the darky" entertainer?

4. When Ellison accepts the American National Book Award for "The Invisible Man" what does he say that the award is recognizing?

5. Why does Ellison choose to write about Faulkner?

6. What were some of the catastrophic events which occurred in Wright's life?

7. What does the phrase "beating that boy" refer to?

8. Where do Ellison and Hyman divide in their understanding of black face minstrel performance?

9. Ellison originally wanted to be a musician. What changed for him?

10. Did Richard Wright influence Baldwin or Ellison?

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