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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ellison believe is the true "Negro experience?"
(a) There isn't one. Negro persons live diverse and varied lives.
(b) A life of unremitting suffering and pain.
(c) A codified, suffocating existence which cannot be understood by others.
(d) The opposite of the "white experience."

2. Why does Ellison choose to write "Invisible Man" in a non-naturalistic way?
(a) To be released from expectations.
(b) To be the first Negro writer to write science-fiction.
(c) To capture the fluidity and diversity of America.
(d) To bring in supernatural elements.

3. Where is the essay "Stephen Crane and the Mainstream of American Fiction" published?
(a) In the Harvard Review of Literature, 1950.
(b) In the Atlantic Monthly.
(c) As an introduction to "The Red Badge of Courage" 1960 printing.
(d) It was never published.

4. What does Huckleberry Finn recognize about the Negro character, Jim?
(a) Jim is very ill and near death.
(b) Jim can make him lots of money if Huck will return him to his owner.
(c) Jim is not only a slave, but a human being.
(d) Jim knows the landscape and can take Huck anywhere.

5. Which critics of "Black Boy" does Ellison want to respond to?
(a) Those who believe Wright is a communist.
(b) Those who believe Wright is exaggerating the truth.
(c) Those who see the book as a miracle and its author a mystery.
(d) Those who believe Wright is self-involved.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellison say good fiction is made of?

2. What does Crane die of and where?

3. That Ellison's first novel might win a prestigious award makes him think what?

4. What book does Hemingway believe all modern American fiction sprang from?

5. What does Ellison believe writing is?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Ellison and Hyman divide in their understanding of black face minstrel performance?

2. What were the two greatest influences upon Crane's life, in Ellison's estimation?

3. As a child Ellison imagined himself as a "Renaissance man." What does that mean?

4. Why does Ellison choose to write about Faulkner?

5. Why does Ellison say that the least form of segregation is the word?

6. What does Ellison admire most about "The Primer for White Folks?"

7. What does Ellison compare Wright's personal journey of blooming to?

8. What does Ellison critique about the authors included in the Primer?

9. Though "Black Boy" presents a brutal and violent world, what else does it manage to convey about the young Wright?

10. Why was the young Ellison drawn to reading?

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