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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ellison say the "Negro problem" actually is?
(a) Non-existent.
(b) A guilt problem charged with pain.
(c) An illusion where there is only chaos.
(d) A white problem.

2. Where might Crane have gotten information about the Civil War?
(a) Manuscripts and letters.
(b) Intensive scholarly research.
(c) His brother.
(d) His own experience.

3. What writers does Ellison wish had been included in the "Primer for White Folks"?
(a) Young unknown writers.
(b) Major, widely-read American authors.
(c) Hispanic authors.
(d) More Negro writers.

4. Where does Ellison give the public address "Hidden Name and Complex Fate?"
(a) Rutgers University Convocation on Race and Entitlement.
(b) nternational Peace Conference in Geneva, New York.
(c) National Association of the Advancement of Colored People.
(d) Library of Congress in 1964.

5. What does Ellison believe is the true "Negro experience?"
(a) There isn't one. Negro persons live diverse and varied lives.
(b) A codified, suffocating existence which cannot be understood by others.
(c) A life of unremitting suffering and pain.
(d) The opposite of the "white experience."

6. What is Ellison's original choice of career?
(a) Policeman.
(b) Musician.
(c) Barber.
(d) Politician.

7. As a child what do Ellison and his boyhood friends believe they are to do?
(a) They were doomed to hard manual labor and suffering.
(b) Negros could never equal the lives of white Americans.
(c) Negros had no chance of doing anything interesting in life.
(d) Be whoever they would and could be.

8. What assumption does Ellison start with when writing about Negro persons?
(a) His task as a writer is to save them from the white world.
(b) Men with black skins are unquestionably human.
(c) Only he, as a Negro writer, can find truth and beauty in their lives.
(d) They are his responsibility to explain.

9. What is the name of the college Ellison attended?
(a) University of Oklahoma.
(b) Harvard.
(c) Rutgers.
(d) Tuskegee.

10. Ellison says Hemingway sought technical perfection rather than what?
(a) Financial gain.
(b) Fame and notoriety.
(c) Moral insight.
(d) Lyrical qualities.

11. Why does Ellison consider Stephen Crane a great artist?
(a) He was talented in so many artistic fields.
(b) He was the first great Negro author.
(c) He wrote so many books.
(d) Under pressure and panic he stuck to his guns.

12. Why does Ellison choose to write "Invisible Man" in a non-naturalistic way?
(a) To be the first Negro writer to write science-fiction.
(b) To be released from expectations.
(c) To capture the fluidity and diversity of America.
(d) To bring in supernatural elements.

13. For Ellison a primary difference between Twain and Hemingway is what?
(a) Twain was creative and Hemingway factual.
(b) Twain was an abolitionist and Hemingway was a prohibitionists.
(c) Hemingway writes about his own personal myth and Twain writes about the national myth.
(d) Twain was trained in writing and Hemingway was not.

14. As a child what is Wright unable to distinguish between?
(a) Day and night.
(b) When to be quiet and when to speak.
(c) Right and Wrong.
(d) His fair-skinned grandmother and the white women of the town.

15. What does Mark Twain do with the character of Jim that breaks through the black face minstrel tradition?
(a) Jim is stereotypical and boring.
(b) Jim's very serious and not at all fun.
(c) Jim performs black face without the paint.
(d) He's a complex, dignified and very human person.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Irving Howe?

2. Where does Ellison say civil wars are fought?

3. Who is Stanley Hyman's favorite archetypal figure?

4. What is the "Hidden Name" referred to in the title of Ellison's speech?

5. What is the Negro child taught to see the white man as?

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