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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, The Seer and the Seen, Section 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Crane and his wife move to England?
(a) To escape rumors that she was an ex-madam.
(b) He was wanted for several crimes.
(c) It was more civilized.
(d) It was more exotic to Crane than New York.

2. How does Ellison start writing?
(a) Richard Wright asks him to review a novel for Wright's magazine.
(b) Ellison is commissioned by the New York City Opera to write a libretto.
(c) His mother asks him to write the story of her life.
(d) Ellison fails to get into the jazz band he wants so he writes about it.

3. What are the three themes of "Shadow and Act" according to the Introduction?
(a) Classical Dance, Country Music and Folk Art.
(b) White people, Black people, and Native Americans.
(c) Racism, Poverty and Obstruction of Justice.
(d) Literature, Jazz/Blues and the relationship between Negro America and American culture.

4. What is minstrel show black face?
(a) Dark themed short skits and plays in vaudeville.
(b) White performers painting their faces black and acting in a pseudo-Negro nonsensical way.
(c) Southern music and dance.
(d) Black actors acting in minstrel shows that are comic and touching.

5. Why does Ellison choose to analyze Ernest Hemingway?
(a) Hemingway ignored the dramatic and symbolic possibilities a Negro character would present.
(b) Hemingway grew up in Oklahoma City also.
(c) Hemingway was not American.
(d) Hemingway sold more books than any other American author.

Short Answer Questions

1. Falkner writes exclusively of the southern experience yet Ellison believes him to be addressing what?

2. Where does Ellison grow up?

3. What does Crane die of and where?

4. Why does Ellison consider Stephen Crane a great artist?

5. What does Ralph Ellison's father hope that Ralph will grow up to be?

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