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America - This is the country where Ellison sees tensions between the concept and reality of democracy.

The Southern United States - This American region is where slavery was institutionalized and widely practiced.

Oklahoma - This state is just north of Texas but did not have a history of slavery.

Blackface - This is the term used to describe white performers impersonating Negroes by painting their faces with dark brown makeup.

The Red Badge of Courage, Black Boy, Primer for White Folks, Blues People, An American Dilemma - These are what Ellison reviews in his essays.

The Blues - This is a term used to describe a form of music unique to the Negro experience which Ellison called "the musicalization of pain."

The Transparent Jug - This is a metaphor Ellison uses to portray Negro culture.

The Camera Lens - This object is used by Ellison as...

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