Shadow Prey Fun Activities

John Sandford
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Create a Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle based on the people, places, and things in "Shadow Prey."

Learn about Sioux History

Learn about the Sioux history, including famous Sioux, reservations, battles, and places in American history.

Visit a Native American Historical Site

Visit a Native American historical site such as a burial ground, museum, or online location to learn more about the Native American culture.

Learn About Petroglyphs

Learn about petroglyphs. Davenport introduces Lily to petroglyphs at Jeffers Monument. Learn about the style and importance of petroglyphs as they were create by the Sioux and other Native American cultures.

Write a Script

Write a script for a movie version of "Shadow Prey" using the book as a reference.

Act out a Scene

Act out your favorite scene from the book. Use as much detail as possible.

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