Shadow of the Giant Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Bean NOT expected to live more than 20 years?

Bean is not expected to live more than 20 years because he was genetically modified as an embryo to be more advanced and a better fighter, but not to live very long.

2. What problem arises when Bean and Petra try to have children?

When Petra and Bean start to have children, they find that eight of their embryos have been stolen. The surrogate mothers are sent into hiding, and Bean and Petra have to try and find where they are, and why they have been stolen.

3. What happens when Tzu meets Rackham in China?

At a restaurant, Tzu meets Mazer Rackham, who offers Tzu the opportunity to head a colony on a former Hive world. Tzu rejects the offer, but accepts a blow gun that is disguised as a pen.

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