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Battle School

This is a military training center based on a space station.

Mandate of Heaven

This is a traditional Chinese belief from ancient times that bestows the right to rule and is always bestowed in blood and war.

Highest Headquarters

This is the housing for Chinese officials.


This is an office as overseer of the Free People of the Earth movement until it is established.

Anton's Key

This is a genetic modification that afflicts Bean and four of his children.

Constitution of the Free People of Earth

This requires nations and peoples who accept it to give up autonomous authority.

Fortress Rwanda

A heavily-fortified nation which retains its independent, neutral status.


Alai governs this restored country when he returns to Earth.


The occupying Muslims rule India from this complex, and Caliph Alai and Virlomi are married in here.

Lightspeed Space Ship

This is designed...

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