Shadow of the Giant Character Descriptions

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Julian Delphiki (Bean)

This character has been genetically altered as an embryo, and hides in the tank of a toilet to escape the fate of all his experimental siblings, who are destroyed.

Petra (Arkanian) Delphiki

This character was one of the most ambitious and valued members of the Jeesh, who sets aside her ambitions when she gets pregnant.

Peter Wiggin

This is the older brother of a hero who did not make the cut for Battle School, which bothers him into his adult life.

Han Tzu

This character stands up to the Chinese authorities by pointing out the error in their battle strategies, but they don't listen to his advice.


This character is responsible for the genetic experiments on embryos. He destroys them when he is discovered.


This character leaves her husband and goes into hiding, and is not seen until the end of the story...

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