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Elisabeth Elliot
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Short Answer Questions

1. What pattern appears to be happening Jim?

2. Where do Jim and Elisabeth set forth to build a new school?

3. What excites Jim when speaking with the Quichuan missionary?

4. Why doesn't Elisabeth join Jim canoeing down the river to meet the Aucas?

5. How do the missionaries know that the Indians understand what they are saying?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the situations that require Jim to use his medical training?

2. What events characterize Jim and Elisabeth's first few months as newlyweds?

3. What is a positive outgrowth from the Flemings' fiesta at Puyupungu?

4. Describe what happens when the ship makes port at Puna and the men disembark.

5. What are some of the responsibilities Jim has while living in Shandia?

6. What is the significance of Ed McCully's letter letting Jim know that he is leaving school to become a full time emissary of Christ?

7. What is the significance of Elisabeth coming to Ecuador?

8. What are some of the everyday situations aboard Santa Juana that emphasize God's abundant blessings for Jim?

9. What is the significance for Jim of Paul's passage to Corinthians, "it is a matter of share and share alike"?

10. What do Jim and Elisabeth concur about modern weddings?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The murder of the five missionaries is widely reported among news outlets throughout the United States. What lessons does this incident teach future missionaries conducting fieldwork? What skills or lessons do you learn from this incident? How would you change the missionary field responsibilities for the future based on this incident?

Essay Topic 2

Jim and his four missionary counterparts are part of the Plymouth Brethern. Research background on the Plymouth Brethern and answer the following questions:

1) How is the organization formed?

2) What is the organization's mission or purpose?

3) What is the status of the organization? Is it in existence today?

Essay Topic 3

The Cascade Range, extending north and south, divides Oregon into distinct eastern and western regions, each of which contains a great variety of landforms. There is a relatively low mountain system on the western edge of the state. The two-thirds of the state lying east of the Cascade Range consists generally of arid plateaus cut by river canyons, with rolling hills in the north-central portion giving way to the Blue Mountains in the northeast. Fault-block ridges, weathered buttes, and remnants of large prehistoric lakes characterize the Great Basin in the southeast. How does this geographic wonderland prepare Jim for his missionary endeavors? What lessons from nature does Jim learn which are useful for Jim in the Ecuadorian jungle? What lessons can one learn from respecting and participating in outdoor activities?

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