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Elisabeth Elliot
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jim take his exams early?

2. How does Jim improve his Spanish speaking skills during the summer of his sophomore year?

3. Where do Jim's brother, Bert, and his new wife leave for missionary work?

4. What does Elizabeth fear her correspondence might do to Jim?

5. What does the missionary pilot report to his wife as he is flying the plane?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Jim counsels a fellow student disenfranchised with Christianity?

2. What events influence Fred Elliot's conversion to God?

3. What does Jim conclude while attending the 1948 International Student Missionary Convention at the University of Illinois?

4. What comes of the friendships between the Elliot and MacAllister families?

5. What is the significance of Jim turning down the offer to act as the business manager of the Tower?

6. What are the weaknesses Jim sees while working for the Foreign Missions Fellowship?

7. What are some of the tenets Fred and Clara Elliot raise their children to believe?

8. What is the significance of Jim's comment to Elisabeth that she "bargained for a cross?"

9. What are some examples of Jim's high school escapades as a prep test for his service to God?

10. What are some of the gifts the missionaries give the Aucans?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The murder of the five missionaries is widely reported among news outlets throughout the United States. What lessons does this incident teach future missionaries conducting fieldwork? What skills or lessons do you learn from this incident? How would you change the missionary field responsibilities for the future based on this incident?

Essay Topic 2

Obedience, honesty, and hospitality are family values Fred and Clara Eliot teach their children. The couple considers too much money a curse. What events, individuals, or experiences shaped Fred and Clara's child-raising attitudes? Cite examples of situations that reflect the children following obedience, honesty, and hospitality.

Essay Topic 3

Jim studied the Word for himself, and he did not adjust his standards even if his understanding was different from what was commonly understood. Cite examples from the book demonstrating Jim's non-conformity in contrast to popularly held beliefs, truths, or activities.

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