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Elisabeth Elliot
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jim choose Greek as his major?

2. Why does Jim tell his mother she shouldn't worry about his relationship with Elisabeth?

3. When Jim hitchhikes home from Illinois to Oregon, how long does it take him to wait for each ride?

4. What happens to Jim Elliot when Dick Fisher's gun accidentally discharges?

5. What does the missionary pilot report to his wife as he is flying the plane?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jim realize by the middle of his freshmen year at Wheaton College?

2. Describe the events surrounding the use of guns among boyhood friends Jim, Dutch, and Dick.

3. What is the significance of Jim and Elisabeth both majoring in Greek?

4. What is the significance of Jim sending off his newly married brother and sister-in-law on their honeymoon?

5. Why does Jim watch his diet and exercise?

6. What is special about Elisabeth's visit to Jim the second week into the fall semester?

7. What does Jim learn about his judgment for others by his senior year in college?

8. Why are the Aucans suspicious of the white men?

9. Why are the Indians curious about the white men?

10. What are the weaknesses Jim sees while working for the Foreign Missions Fellowship?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Perhaps more than any other human grouping, the Indian tribe known to its neighbors as the Aucans (the word means "naked savage") exemplifies raw humanity in its unredeemed state. Aside from curiosity of seeing an airplane, why does the three Aucan Indians step out of the jungle to see the missionaries? What do you believed happened when the three Aucans returned to their tribe in the jungle? Why do the Aucans distrust the Indians?

Essay Topic 2

Stemming from a Greek word, dichotomy is a division into two usually contradictory parts or opinions. The dichotomy of Jim's career ranging between being a preacher and garbage collector is expansive. How does Jim use the skills from both professions to carve out his future? How does Jim use oration skills to his advantage? What recycling and refuse skills are useful for Jim in his future endeavors? Cite examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Obedience, honesty, and hospitality are family values Fred and Clara Eliot teach their children. The couple considers too much money a curse. What events, individuals, or experiences shaped Fred and Clara's child-raising attitudes? Cite examples of situations that reflect the children following obedience, honesty, and hospitality.

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