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Elisabeth Elliot
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Short Answer Questions

1. What concerns Jim about the temporal world after the announcement of Einstein's Theory of Gravitation?

2. Where does Jim go at the end of 1948?

3. Why is Jim Elliot cautious about girls his age?

4. Who introduces Jim to Elisabeth?

5. Why does Jim tell his mother she shouldn't worry about his relationship with Elisabeth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jim watch his diet and exercise?

2. What are some of the gifts the missionaries give the Aucans?

3. What happens when Jim is invited home with Dave Howard during Christmas,1945?

4. Describe the events leading to the marriage of Fred Elliot and Clara Luginbuhl.

5. How does Bert and Colleen's departure for mission field work in Peru influence Jim?

6. What are the weaknesses Jim sees while working for the Foreign Missions Fellowship?

7. What is special about Elisabeth's visit to Jim the second week into the fall semester?

8. What does Jim note is the problem with Americans that missionaries write about?

9. What is the significance of Jim's comment to Elisabeth that she "bargained for a cross?"

10. What is the advantage of Jim's unemployment between doing odd jobs and applying for a substitute teaching position?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Prior to their final meeting with the Aucans, the five missionaries sang together as they so often did, "We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender. We go not forth alone against the foe." The author uses a literary comparison between the missionaries and soldiers fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg. Compare and contrast the battle fought by the missionaries and the Gettysburg soldiers. What are similar traits or characteristics by both groups? What are different traits or characteristics of both groups?

Essay Topic 2

Wheaton College is a four-year liberal arts interdenominational college. Although the college has changed since 1945 when Jim Elliot attended, what characteristics do you think encourage Jim to attend Wheaton College? Why do you think Jim chooses a religious interdenominational college versus a public institution? How does this religious education round out Jim's personality?

Essay Topic 3

The Cascade Range, extending north and south, divides Oregon into distinct eastern and western regions, each of which contains a great variety of landforms. There is a relatively low mountain system on the western edge of the state. The two-thirds of the state lying east of the Cascade Range consists generally of arid plateaus cut by river canyons, with rolling hills in the north-central portion giving way to the Blue Mountains in the northeast. Fault-block ridges, weathered buttes, and remnants of large prehistoric lakes characterize the Great Basin in the southeast. How does this geographic wonderland prepare Jim for his missionary endeavors? What lessons from nature does Jim learn which are useful for Jim in the Ecuadorian jungle? What lessons can one learn from respecting and participating in outdoor activities?

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