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Elisabeth Elliot
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sheep—Destined for the Altar.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the reason Jim tells his parents he will not be home for Christmas?
(a) He intends to use the time to study and improve his grades.
(b) He plans to visit Elisabeth over the holidays.
(c) He wants to attend the Student Missionary Convention.
(d) He plans to go to Gospel Hall.

2. Aside from his fervent belief in God, what other factor diminishes Jim's popularity with his peers?
(a) His political speech.
(b) His views on the war.
(c) His departure from Gospel Hall.
(d) His failure to go to the school dance.

3. What does Jim begin to think about taking college classes at Wheaten College?
(a) The classes are not fulfilling the mission God has for him.
(b) There are too many girls in his classes.
(c) The classes are not challenging enough.
(d) The classes teach very little ecumenical content.

4. What is the ratio of women to men in the Student Foreign Missions?
(a) 10:1.
(b) 18:1.
(c) 3:1.
(d) 5:1.

5. What is Jim's preeminent goal when he enters Wheaten College?
(a) To graduate with a degree in ministry.
(b) To sacrifice extracurricular activities that interfere with his studies.
(c) To stay wholly committed to God.
(d) To enter the foreign missionary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim remind Elisabeth that she has done before the Lord?

2. What does Jim mean when he refers to his "wine of bewilderment?"

3. At what point in Jim Elliot's life does the Prologue begin?

4. What happens to Jim when he travels with the Foreign Missions group?

5. What country does Emil Luginbuhl emigrate from upon arriving in the U.S.?

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