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Elisabeth Elliot
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Three Challenges to Faith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jim tell his mother she shouldn't worry about his relationship with Elisabeth?
(a) They are both members of the same church.
(b) They are both raised in similar family backgrounds.
(c) They are both well-educated.
(d) They are both committed to the Lord.

2. Since Jim Elliot believes in living his faith outside the pulpit, what is he readily available to do when his peers have questions about God?
(a) Explain the scriptures to other students.
(b) Conduct religious conversion.
(c) Explain the preaching of Harry Ironside.
(d) Quote Presbyterian dogma concerning matters of religious faith.

3. What are one of his goals is as Jim becomes more involved in group activities during his senior year?
(a) He wants to enjoy many college activities before he graduates.
(b) He wants to assume more leadership opportunities.
(c) He wants to minister to people in a variety of spiritual levels.
(d) He wants to learn how to live independently for his impending ministry.

4. What does Jim learn when he returns from Mexico?
(a) Funds will not be available for the entire year.
(b) He will need to repeat another class.
(c) He will need to repeat another semester.
(d) Funds have been provided for him to complete school.

5. What does Jim experience during a gospel team trip across the Midwest with Dave Howard, Roger Lewis, and Verd Holstein?
(a) An apparition of Elisabeth..
(b) His spiritual awakening to God's glory.
(c) A Christian rebirth.
(d) His own spiritual resistance to letting go.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim's mother implore him to do with his missionary work?

2. Why does Bill Cathers' letter detailing his wedding plans surprise Jim?

3. What does Jim Elliot believe about eternity?

4. What does Jim reevaluate during his senior year in college?

5. What is the problem Jim finds with attendees at the Missionary Convention?

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