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Elisabeth Elliot
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wine of Bewilderment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Jim Elliot when Dick Fisher's gun accidentally discharges?
(a) The bullet pierces Jim's Bible.
(b) Jim narrowly misses being killed.
(c) Jim uses his Bible to deflect the bullet.
(d) The bullet grazes Jim's leg.

2. Aside from his fervent belief in God, what other factor diminishes Jim's popularity with his peers?
(a) His political speech.
(b) His departure from Gospel Hall.
(c) His failure to go to the school dance.
(d) His views on the war.

3. Whose teaching convinces Fred Elliot to "recognize that life is worth living only if given over completely to God?"
(a) Harry Ironside.
(b) Donald Munro.
(c) Billy Sunday.
(d) Henry Varley.

4. Why is Jim Elliot cautious about girls his age?
(a) He believes they cannot understand the complexity of scripture.
(b) He believes they lure boys away from God's true calling.
(c) He believes they are frivolous about religion.
(d) He believes they are not worthy to hear God's word.

5. What does Jim fear more than being expelled from the public speaking club?
(a) Leaving Gospel Hall.
(b) Going to the school dance.
(c) Incorrectly quoting scripture.
(d) Making a political speech.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim spend his lunch hour doing?

2. What does Jim call the underclassmen to do besides "believing" in the Christian life?

3. What country does Emil Luginbuhl emigrate from upon arriving in the U.S.?

4. Who introduces Jim to Elisabeth?

5. What does Jim's mother implore him to do with his missionary work?

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