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Elisabeth Elliot
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wine of Bewilderment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hudson Taylor's book confuse Jim Elliot?
(a) Jim wonders how he can be an agent of change.
(b) Jim wonders how a man satisfied by God's grace can still yearn to be loved by a woman.
(c) Jim wonders how any man can be consumed by a woman.
(d) Jim wonders how one man could establish 250 mission stations.

2. What does Jim spend his lunch hour doing?
(a) Attending the Student Missionary Convention.
(b) Lecturing incoming freshman.
(c) Meeting with Dr. Book.
(d) Reading the Psalms.

3. Why is Jim Elliot cautious about girls his age?
(a) He believes they are not worthy to hear God's word.
(b) He believes they are frivolous about religion.
(c) He believes they cannot understand the complexity of scripture.
(d) He believes they lure boys away from God's true calling.

4. What two boys help Bert with his garbage business?
(a) Fred and Jim.
(b) Jim and Dick.
(c) Jim and Dutch.
(d) Dick and Dutch.

5. What does Jim experience during a gospel team trip across the Midwest with Dave Howard, Roger Lewis, and Verd Holstein?
(a) His own spiritual resistance to letting go.
(b) His spiritual awakening to God's glory.
(c) An apparition of Elisabeth..
(d) A Christian rebirth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What particular hobbies of Jim Elliot prepare his for life in the jungle?

2. What does Jim's mother implore him to do with his missionary work?

3. What is the reason Jim tells his parents he will not be home for Christmas?

4. What country does Emil Luginbuhl emigrate from upon arriving in the U.S.?

5. What career does Jim pray God will grant him the opportunity to pursue?

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