Shadow of the Almighty Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Elisabeth Elliot
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Essay Topic 1

In the Preface, the author, Elisabeth Elliot, notes Jim and his fellow missionaries with whom he died are hailed as heroes, or "martyrs." Elisabeth Elliot believes Jim would not approve of being called a martyr. Why do you suppose he would not? What does Jim die believing in? What kind of life would Jim live if he were alive?

Essay Topic 2

Perhaps more than any other human grouping, the Indian tribe known to its neighbors as the Aucans (the word means "naked savage") exemplifies raw humanity in its unredeemed state. Aside from curiosity of seeing an airplane, why does the three Aucan Indians step out of the jungle to see the missionaries? What do you believed happened when the three Aucans returned to their tribe in the jungle? Why do the Aucans distrust the Indians?

Essay Topic 3

Prior to their final meeting with the Aucans, the...

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