Shadow of the Almighty Character Descriptions

Elisabeth Elliot
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Jim Elliot

This character is the book's protagonist who is divinely inspired to work as a missionary establishing a school in Ecuador.

Elisabeth (Howard) Elliot

This character learns the indigenous language with the hope of helping to translate the Bible into the native language.

Fred Elliot

This character is an avid scripture reader and is fervent in the practical living faith demonstrating the glory of God.

Clara Elliot

This character prefers that family members conduct their Christian mission work in North America rather than travel to far away places.

Valerie Elliot

This character learns to stand alone during a time when parental supervision is needed most.

Dick Fisher

This character falls away from God only to be admonished to return to God, the only one to provide success and riches.

Bill Cathers

This character falls in love and abandons his mission trip.

Dave Howard

This character is a...

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