Shadow of the Almighty Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elisabeth Elliot
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• Shadow of the Almighty is a biography of Jim Elliot written by his widow who based it on his letters and diary.

• Jim Elliot's story replays his journey of faith in Jesus Christ from youth to his death in 1956.

• The prologue presents the final chapter in Jim Elliot's life.
• Jim Elliot and four missionaries are standing on the shore of the Curaray River, deep within the Ecuadorian jungle.

• They await the return of primitive Aucan Indians after an initial contact with a male and two female Aucans.

• The missionaries take the male Aucan on a plane ride as a measure of trust before he and his female companions go back into the jungle.

• When the Aucans finally arrive to greet the missionaries, they kill the five missionaries.

Strong Roots

• Jim Elliot's genealogical tree hails from the Scottish and Swiss families who settled in the Puget Sound region...

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