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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the prisoners tell Severian and Jonas happens to the prisoners there?
(a) They are swiftly executed.
(b) They are released within a few days.
(c) They never leave.
(d) They are treated like kings.

2. Where does Severian find the others after the people at the final play are attacked?
(a) In a clearing in the woods.
(b) In the cave.
(c) In prison.
(d) In the garden.

3. When Thea meets with Severian, what information does Severian give Thea?
(a) How to get to the guild.
(b) Vodalus' whereabouts.
(c) Where to find the Claw.
(d) What happened to her sister.

4. What do the things that attack Severian in the cave do when they see the Claw?
(a) Run away.
(b) Bow down.
(c) Become more aggressive.
(d) Sing.

5. Before Vodalus was separated from Dorcas, who was following them?
(a) Jonas.
(b) Hildegrin.
(c) Drotte.
(d) Agia.

6. Who slides a letter under the door while Severian and Jonas sit talking?
(a) The green man.
(b) Thecla.
(c) Vodalus.
(d) Dorcas.

7. What concern does Jonas have about himself after he is injured?
(a) He believes he is immortal.
(b) He fears he is going insane.
(c) He is certain he will die swiftly.
(d) He think Severian hates him.

8. What is the woman charged with whom Severian will execute?
(a) Consorting with Vodalus.
(b) Killing a priest.
(c) Killing her son and husband.
(d) Stealing coins from the church.

9. What does one of the men who captured Severian and Jonas accidentally kill himself with?
(a) The Claw.
(b) An avern.
(c) A crossbow.
(d) Severian's sword.

10. Who is Barnach?
(a) A fellow executioner.
(b) A priest.
(c) Severian's assistant.
(d) A servant of Vodalus.

11. What does Jonas do when Severian is done reading to him?
(a) Dies.
(b) Begins to chant in another language.
(c) Just sits.
(d) Weeps.

12. Where do Severian, Dorcas and Jolenta camp?
(a) Near a stream.
(b) In the mountains.
(c) In a cave.
(d) In a magical tent made of leaves.

13. Who wants to leave with Dr. Talos at the end of the book, but is refused?
(a) Baldanders.
(b) Dorcas.
(c) Jonas.
(d) Jolenta.

14. What makes the things that attack Severian in the cave finally run in fear?
(a) The dragon.
(b) The sight of Severian's sword.
(c) The Claw.
(d) A groaning sound.

15. Where are the wounds that Jolenta is bleeding from?
(a) Her belly.
(b) Her eyes.
(c) Her legs.
(d) Her wrists.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vodalus tell Severian to throw away?

2. What does Jonas want Severian to tell Jolenta for him?

3. Who does Severian see in the crowd when Barnach is dragged from his home?

4. What does Severian place on the soldier's head that brings the soldier back to life?

5. Where do Severian and Jolenta go to make love?

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