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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Severian lose during his struggle in the cave?
(a) The letter from Thecla.
(b) His sword.
(c) His lantern.
(d) The Claw.

2. What does Severian put on Agia's chest to hold her to the ground?
(a) A magical spell.
(b) The Claw.
(c) His foot.
(d) A large rock.

3. What does Dorcas reveal she has remembered when she sees Severian at the House of Absolute?
(a) Bits of her past, but nothing she understands.
(b) Where to find the map.
(c) Her age.
(d) That she has a child.

4. When Part 2 begins, who is Severian's assistant?
(a) Vodalus.
(b) Dorcas.
(c) Jonas.
(d) Agilus.

5. When Thea meets with Severian, what information does Severian give Thea?
(a) Where to find the Claw.
(b) How to get to the guild.
(c) What happened to her sister.
(d) Vodalus' whereabouts.

6. As Severian and Jonas travel away from Vodalus' camp, what swoops near Severian's head?
(a) Arrows.
(b) Butterflies.
(c) Birds.
(d) A bat-like creature.

7. What does Severian throw a coin into while in the House of Absolute?
(a) A large vase in the entry hall.
(b) A beggar's can.
(c) A fountain.
(d) A bowl of water on the altar.

8. The liquid in the bottle is made from an animal that eats what?
(a) Algae.
(b) Dragon flesh.
(c) Averns.
(d) Dead human flesh.

9. What does the letter say Thecla did?
(a) Faked her death.
(b) Married the master of the guild.
(c) Killed the green man.
(d) Murdered Vodalus.

10. Who has a part in a play ready for Severian when they meet in the garden at the House of Absolute?
(a) Baldanders.
(b) Dr. Talos.
(c) Dorcas.
(d) Jolenta.

11. Who wants to leave with Dr. Talos at the end of the book, but is refused?
(a) Jolenta.
(b) Baldanders.
(c) Jonas.
(d) Dorcas.

12. Whose men capture Severian and Jonas after Severian confronts Agia?
(a) Vodalus'.
(b) The priestesses'.
(c) Dr. Talos'.
(d) The Autarch's.

13. What does the green man say has been integrated into his blood?
(a) Pond scum.
(b) Grass.
(c) Diamonds.
(d) Reptile blood.

14. What does Jonas hope to find by taking one of the portals?
(a) His family.
(b) Dorcas.
(c) A way to fix himself.
(d) Wealth and happiness.

15. What is taking place in the town where Severian is working as an executioner?
(a) A religious ceremony.
(b) A serious uprising.
(c) The crowning of a new king.
(d) A triple beheading and a festival.

Short Answer Questions

1. Near the end of the book, whose screams cause Severian to turn away from the water and run back to the camp?

2. What does Severian forget to bring with him when he goes to meet Thecla?

3. During the final play in the book, who is supposed to scare the crowds?

4. What makes the things that attack Severian in the cave finally run in fear?

5. What do the prisoners tell Severian and Jonas happens to the prisoners there?

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