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Claw of the Conciliator

This magic gem was placed in Severian's pocket without his knowledge, and the gem has healing ability.


Severian receives this item after saving the life of Vodalus in a graveyard. This item makes Vodalus the servant of Severian.

Terminus Est

This is Severian's sword.


This is the city where Severian is heading in order to become an executioner.


This is a dog that Severian finds and saves. The dog has been tortured and Severian helps him heal.

Ape Men

These beasts nearly kill Severian until he reveals he has the magic gem.

Analeptic Alzabo

This animal is brought from the stars and eats dead human flesh, which makes it able to speak like a human.


This is the place where Severian and Jonas are imprisoned. Both characters manage to escape.

Fortunate Cloud

This is the ship of Jonas.

Vatic Fountain

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