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Cast the Movie

Imagine you are making a movie of Shadow & Claw. Write a list of all the major characters in the book and who you would cast to play those parts.

Dorcas' Diary

Choose an event or scene featuring Dorcas and write a diary entry concerning that event as though you were Dorcas. As you are writing the entry, keep in mind that Dorcas has no memory of her life and how that fact might influence her view of the world around her.

Portrait of Severian

What does a torturer look like? Severian probably doesn't fit our stereotypical picture of who a torturer is since we know that he is also a compassionate and honor-bound man. How do those facts about Severian color your view of him? Paint a portrait of what you think Severian looks like.

Script Writing

Choose your favorite scene from the book and...

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