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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Channan Pir known as?
(a) Protector of women.
(b) Granter of wealth.
(c) Granter of wishes.
(d) Protector of children.

2. What is the name of the Muslim feast where camels and goats are sacrificed?
(a) Ramadan.
(b) Eid.
(c) Passover.
(d) Mecca.

3. What has Grandfather made for Dadi to sell at the market?
(a) Camel hair blankets.
(b) Cooking pots.
(c) Wooden saddles.
(d) Woven ropes.

4. Phulan and Shabanu ride in a __________ on the way to the shrine.
(a) Sharpol.
(b) Nubal.
(c) Pannier.
(d) Harkim.

5. What does Shabanu use to feed the orphan camel?
(a) A wet cloth.
(b) A cup.
(c) Her fingers.
(d) Another mother camel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What people sacrifice and eat camels for a religious feast?

2. How much does Dadi say it costs to feed each camel a day?

3. How many camels do they need to sell in order to pay for Phulan's wedding?

4. Mama tells Shabanu that she is as wild as what?

5. How long ago did the Hakra River dry up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is this trip to the Sibi fair particularly poignant for Shabanu?

2. What does Guluband represent to Shabanu?

3. What does Shabanu realize as she tells Phulan all about the Sibi fair?

4. What is the special relationship between Shabanu and her camel?

5. Why is Shanbanu's father mad about the loss of the mother camel at first?

6. Why is Shabanu worried about her future?

7. Describe the scene when Wardak returns to buy Guluband.

8. What changes does Shabanu notice in Phulan as the wedding draws nearer?

9. What upsets Shabanu at the end of the first day of their trip to Sibi?

10. What is the Gudu Barrage?

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