Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. How old is Shabanu as the book begins?


2. How old is Phulan as the book begins?


3. What is the toba?

Water supply.

4. How long has it been at the beginning of the novel since there was rain in the Cholistan desert?

2 years.

5. What does Phulan's name mean?


6. What are chapatis?


7. How many camels do they need to sell in order to pay for Phulan's wedding?


8. How many camels will Shabanu and Phulan each have in her dowry?


9. In chapter 1, Mama assures Shabanu that she and Phulan are better than _______.

Seven sons.

10. Dadi wears a ________ tied around his waist.


11. What color are the flowers that cover the desert after the rain?


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