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Short Answer Questions

1. To what bodily function do the two compare the mystery of the ducks' purpose?

2. George tries to comfort Emil by assuring him that what animal is in the zoo?

3. George takes no issue with people spending money on what?

4. What has George read about a major disease?

5. Which of these is not a tool used for hunting ducks mentioned by the men?

Short Essay Questions

1. What point does Emil make about the wild Buffalo?

2. What aspect of barnyard ducks' lives do George and Emil agree they are better off not knowing?

3. Why do George and Emil support spending money on wildlife?

4. What is the significance of George's story about the Giant Panda?

5. What do George and Emil worry about for a duck in flight?

6. According to Emil, what is happening to some fish near Australia?

7. Why does Emil sometimes think the park is more trouble than it is worth?

8. What does George think differentiates a pigeon from a duck?

9. How does George, in contradiction with some of his other statements, describe the simple life of a duck?

10. What are some of the items the men claim are needed to hunt a duck?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Emil and George are older men watching the world they knew change around them. How do they use the duck as a metaphor throughout the play? What aspects of the world do they imagine the duck to represent? Why do you think the playwright chose a duck for his play and not another type of bird? What answers do Emil and George think nature holds for them?

Essay Topic 2

David Mamet as a playwright typically has a very strong perspective in his plays. How does perspective come into play in Sexual Perversity in Chicago? How does a character's perspective influence his or her behavior? How does it influence the behavior of others? Examine each character throughout the play and discuss how their specific perspective contributes to the action of the play:

1) Bernie.

2) Joan.

3) Deborah.

4) Danny.

Essay Topic 3

In The Duck Variations, how are George and Emil's personalities similar? How do they differ? How do George and Emil react to different topics in the play such as death, life, nature, and human society? Choose three variations in the play where George and Emil deal with an issue differently. Which would you say is the dominant personality? Why? Why do all their conversations center around ducks?

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