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Chuck Klosterman
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where in school was Klosterman when he began researching serial killers?

2. What era does Klosterman assault the country for romanticizing in Chapter 14?

3. According to Klosterman, what is the finest time travel film?

4. Which of the following is not a story in the heavy news day Klosterman describes in a hypothetical question?

5. In Chapter 14, which country star's song does Chuck Klosterman dissect in detail?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe to conflict between alternative and mainstream country music.

2. Describe Klosterman's process for extracting truth from low culture.

3. How has the quality of the Star Wars franchise been incorrectly assessed, according to Klosterman in Chapter 12?

4. How does the timing of sources affect bias in the news, according to Klosterman?

5. Why does Mitch dislike his coach in Downtown Owl?

6. Why is the Pop Music Studies conference that Klosterman attends in Chapter 17 not a rocking place?

7. What example does Klosterman offer in Eating the Dinosaur to illustrate the loss of origins in time travel?

8. What is the essence of coolness, as described in Chapter 10?

9. How do page designers affect the news?

10. How was granola developed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Much of Sex Drags and Cocoa Puffs is dedicated to the profundity of frivolous topics like The Real World and Vanilla Sky. In two of the latter chapters, Klosterman focuses on two more socially dire topics, and his tone changes dramatically. Analyze these two chapters and the tone surrounding them in three parts:

Part 1) What is the nature of Chuck Klosterman's interest in serial killers? How did it start, and what does he want to understand about them? Discuss the research that Klosterman does into serial killers. What does he grow to understand through this research, and why does he have difficulty accepting it?

Part 2) Why does Chuck Klosterman's past render him particularly adept at exploring current trends in journalism? What lessons does he impart in this book, and how do these lessons explain the struggle of print journalism to survive? What conclusions does he draw about the future of print?

Essay Topic 2

Klosterman is repeatedly drawing a line in his argument between what he personally likes and what he defends. Often he will dedicate an entire chapter to a person or movement that he dislikes but believes has merit. Write an essay about three instances and the line that Klosterman draws:

Part 1) What is the cultural importance of internet pornography in the modern age? How does Klosterman connect porn to the highest aspirations of the internet age? Does Klosterman indicate that he particularly likes internet porn? Why is he compelled by it?

Part 2) In Toby Over Moby, what type of country music does Klosterman decry and what type does he staunchly defend? Does this defense coincide with his personal tastes? What is the purpose of this defense then?

Part 3) In Rock Chump, what does Klosterman personally feel about the in-depth analysis and debate about pop music that he experiences? Discuss the tone he takes in discussing this conference. What value does it have? What connection does it have the popular music industry?

Essay Topic 3

In several chapters, Klosterman makes note of a shift that occurred in the film industry with the release of Star Wars. Write an essay about this shift. What types of films were being produced, making money, and winning awards before Star Wars? What new strategy did studios develop to replicate the Star Wars boon? What does Klosterman think about this shift and its effect on films in the 1980s and 1990s?

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