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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who persuades his father-in-law to join with him and win the throne of Thebes by force?
(a) Polyneices.
(b) Eteocles.
(c) Laius.
(d) Ismene.

2. Who says, "Their reports will save me from all traps and deceptions?"
(a) The Fury.
(b) A Scout.
(c) Eteocles.
(d) The Chorus.

3. Plays based on Greek legend tend to be very _____.
(a) Calm.
(b) Serene.
(c) Peaceful.
(d) Violent.

4. What is the name of the prophet that has foreseen the armies of Argos attacking Thebes soon?
(a) The Fury.
(b) The Oracle.
(c) Eteocles.
(d) Teiresias.

5. What is the genre of Seven Against Thebes?
(a) Short-Story.
(b) Comedy.
(c) Melodrama.
(d) Tragedy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a fear of the women of Thebes?

2. The imagery in general represents a basic element of the Greek philosophy of ________.

3. The particular legend of "Seven Against Thebes" resembles what other type of legends?

4. What is a Spinx?

5. Who runs on with news that the seven powerful generals of the attacking army have performed a blood sacrifice?

Short Essay Questions

1. What threat does Eteocles give to the citizens of Thebes? Why do you think Eteocles threatens the citizens?

2. What is the significance of the attacking general Eteoklos, having a name that is similar to Eteocles?

3. What is the importance of the Oracle of Apollo?

4. Give an example of how religion is utilized in part 1 of the play.

5. Why is it important that the Scout find out about Polyneice's army?

6. Why does the Chorus give an ode at the end of part 3?

7. Describe Laius' character.

8. How are women treated during wartime according to part 1 of the play? Why do you think women were treated in the manner?

9. What is the significance of the approaching army setting up their own memorial for their families back home?

10. Give two examples of the theme: power of curses as seen in the play, Seven Against Thebes.

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