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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take for Bremond to order the Suez batteries to assist the Arabs?
(a) Two years.
(b) Eighteen months.
(c) One year.
(d) Six months.

2. What is the name of the captain whom Lawrence does not impress because Lawrence is wearing an Arab headdress?
(a) Captain Smythe.
(b) Captain Johnson.
(c) Captain Wingate.
(d) Captain Boyle.

3. Feisal feels that khaki uniforms symbolize what?
(a) The British.
(b) The Turks.
(c) Enslavement.
(d) Hatred.

4. The French think that Feisal moving to what place is a suicide mission and believe that troops should be put ashore at Rabegh instead?
(a) Waji Sevel.
(b) Wejh.
(c) Mecca.
(d) Yenbo.

5. What does Lawrence do with the extra two nights at El Kurr?
(a) Practice English with the others.
(b) Practice his Arabic.
(c) Learn Arab music.
(d) Learn Arab dance.

6. Who is the author of the book?
(a) T. E. Givvens.
(b) T. E. Roberts.
(c) T. E. Elliot.
(d) T. E. Lawrence.

7. How many British ships will be at Wejh with guns to help the Arabs?
(a) Ten.
(b) Six.
(c) Five.
(d) Four.

8. With whom does the group stay while Auda travels to see Abu Tayi?
(a) Ali abu Fitna.
(b) Ali abu Khalil.
(c) Ali abu Marash.
(d) Ali abu Farik.

9. Instead of letting the Arabs rule Mecca, the Turks put what official in place in Mecca?
(a) President.
(b) Governor.
(c) Emir.
(d) Ruler.

10. Feisal decides to send Lawrence to his younger brother who just suffered defeat and had to retreat. What is the name of the younger brother?
(a) Kalil.
(b) Felak.
(c) Zeid.
(d) Abdul.

11. Bremond and Lawrence disagree on a plan to take what city?
(a) Akaba.
(b) Mecca.
(c) Medina.
(d) Albana.

12. England is involved in a war with this country when the Arab uprising begins to occur.
(a) Germany.
(b) Syria.
(c) Turkey.
(d) France.

13. If the Arabs capture Akaba, what can they get?
(a) Access to British medicine for the Arabs.
(b) Access to Turkish supplies.
(c) Access to Turkish gold to pay the British for supplies.
(d) A steady source of supplies from the British.

14. What is the name of the location where Feisal and Lawrence meet for the first time?
(a) Safrina.
(b) Hejaz.
(c) Wadi Safra.
(d) Masruh Harb.

15. What event occurs before dinner in the Arab camp?
(a) Happy hour.
(b) Tea time.
(c) Sunset prayer.
(d) Rest time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends Lawrence back to Arabia and Feisal?

2. On what date do Abdulla and Lawrence leave Wadi Ais to go to the front?

3. There is a secret treaty between England, France, and whom to keep some of the Arab lands after the revolt ends?

4. Lawrence feels that Abdulla's people are not as _________ as Feisal's are.

5. After the troops, on their march, pass through Wadi Gara, they come upon what Beduin tribe?

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