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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book VII The Dead Sea Campaign Chapter 82 - 91.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lawrence feels that Abdulla's people are not as _________ as Feisal's are.
(a) Driven.
(b) Engaged.
(c) Personable.
(d) Knowledgeable.

2. Under the leadership of Auda, the group goes through hills and valleys as they head for the summer camp of what?
(a) The howeitat.
(b) The jeahan.
(c) The sultan.
(d) The emir.

3. After Lawrence and the group head out for Akaba, where do they go?
(a) The oasis of Kurr.
(b) The oasis of Aish.
(c) The oasis of Sharraf.
(d) The oasis of El Kurr.

4. At the outbreak of World War I, the author was working for a museum at what location?
(a) A history museum.
(b) An archaeological dig.
(c) A restoration lab.
(d) A science lab.

5. Abdulla gained the respect of the Arabs by having the revolt be successful in what city?
(a) Taif.
(b) Medina.
(c) Jidda.
(d) Mecca.

Short Answer Questions

1. What day is it when Lawrence returns to Akaba after his vacation?

2. How much is the Turkish reward for British officers, dead or alive?

3. While Lawrence is in Port Sudan, he meets Davenport and Joyce who are leaving for where?

4. When Lawrence and his group finally set up camp to begin mining the bridge, they are how far from the bridge?

5. In Book VI, what kind of transportation is Lloyd provided for his journey?

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