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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book VI The Raid Upon the Bridges Chapters 69 - 81.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lawrence feels that Abdulla's people are not as _________ as Feisal's are.
(a) Knowledgeable.
(b) Driven.
(c) Engaged.
(d) Personable.

2. As the Turkish system is being replaced in towns, what type of order is being restored?
(a) Arab order.
(b) Monarchic order.
(c) Tribal order.
(d) Koranic order.

3. The railroads to Jerusalem, Haifa, Damascus, and Medina all met where?
(a) Yarmuk.
(b) Mecca.
(c) Deraa.
(d) Yenbo.

4. Who is the chief of the French military mission?
(a) Colonel Bremond.
(b) Colonel Jacques.
(c) Colonel Fremound.
(d) Colonel Gerrard.

5. At what seaport do the passengers of the liner meet Abdulla?
(a) Medina.
(b) Constantinople.
(c) Jidda.
(d) Mecca.

Short Answer Questions

1. Abdulla is very interested in the progress of World War I in what location?

2. Who is Feisal's agent in Yenbo?

3. What city will Adbulla's father, the emir, not allow the Turks to enter until he is dead?

4. What is the name of the liner on which Lawrence and others meet with the Turkish officers on their way to see the emir of Mecca?

5. After Lawrence gets into a fight in Deraa, he is ordered to Allenby by what method?

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